I am self taught in Web Design, PC Repair iPhone Repair and eBay sales and marketing. I have built websites for over 20 different organizations and my own personal endeavors for the last 20 years. I’ve been working with and working on Personal Computers for over 23 years. eBay has been a hobby of mine for the last 22 years as well.

I have first hand experience building PC’s from scratch as well as servicing and repairing PC’s including troubleshooting hardware conflicts and locating the proper drivers for hardware.

I am the Network Administrator The Rutland Area Christian School and at my present job and have had over 16 years experience as a Network Administration, supervising and supporting over 19 different office networks ranging from five to 18 PC’s per office. I have experience with setting up wired, wireless and combination networks.

I enjoy working with and working on PC’s & would be happy to help you get your PC upgraded or repaired for your business or pleasure.

Customer Service is my business and my pricing is rock bottom. I don’t mark up the parts – you pay the price I pay – and I get you the best price I can. Labor is only $40.00 an hour and I offer special pricing for certain upgrades or installs.

I currently reside and service the area of Rutland, Vermont. Contact me if I can be of assistance.


My Business Goals

To build and maintain sleek, eye catching and informative websites for my customers.

To help my customers get the most out of their PC by offering consultation services, upgrade services, repair services and data recovery services.

My Business Principles

Reasonable Pricing

My Promise

I am honest and upfront when it comes to the products & services I offer. I am not going to suggest unnecessary work or useless upgrades. I will give you the options and my suggestions and allow you to make an informed decision. I stand behind my service with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.