Mutazu Hard Bags

Mutazu Universal RS Motorcycle Hard Saddle Bags

Picked these up to replace the original leather bags on my 2004 Road Star. They have a light that can be wired in as a running light and blinker or brake and blinker. 

These bags easily mount to the original mounts using the existing hardware. You will need to drill some holes in the bags. This leaves lots of room for error, if you are not careful. I have included a template that you can print off and line up on the bottoms and sides of the bags to correctly drill your holes and mount them up. I used the existing leather bags to help create the template. Please note the location on my bike to make sure you want to locate yours in the same spot.


To wire up the lights I ended up going with a running light and blinker combination. Here are the wiring details according to Mutazu…

Wiring: Black ground, Blue brake/turn signal, Yellow running lights.
**Intended to be wired as a brake or running light, not both

The lights are LED so they work fine for the running or brake light but you need a — in order to get them to work properly as a blinker.