Riser Bushings

Riser Bushings Install Directions

I installed 16″ apes on my 2004 Road Star and found that the bushings had too much play and needed to be replaced. I did lots of research and found that Allow Art sold the best option. The Gooden Tight Riser Bushings are a direct fit and they are solid. There is no play whatsoever. The item number is GT-Y1S. I purchased mine on eBay from Dennis Kirk. They had the best price and I got them fast.

The hardest part of this job is removing the old bushings. You need to remove the triple tree to get them out. Here are step by step directions…

Torque Specs can be downloaded here. These are for a 2004.

  1. There are hose and line guides secured to the bottom of the triple tree. You will want to move your hoses and lines out of them to make it easier to pull the triple tree.
  2. Remove the handlebars. Depending on where your wires are routed, you will either lay your bars on the tank or the front fender. Put a towel or blanket over each to protect them. I laid my bars on the front fender.
  3. Break the nuts loose on the bottom of the risers.
  4. Remove the pinch bolts on the triple tree on each side. There are two on each side. I used a long screwdriver to gently pry apart the section where the pinch bolts went through.
  5. Remove the Steering Arm Stem Nut. There is a washer under it that is flush with the triple tree. I used a magnet to pull it up.
  6. The triple tree will not just pull up. It needs some convincing. I suggest you use a rubber mallet on the nuts on the bottom of the risers. Be sure to rotate from one side to the other. I found it helped to pull up on the riser as I tapped with the rubber mallet.
  7. To push out the bushings I borrowed a Ball Joint/U Joint Press Set from Oreilly’s Auto. They have a loaner tool program so it didn’t cost me anything. You will want to push the bushing out from the top. This will allow you to brace against the bottom of the triple tree. I just used the press to push it out. The opening on the opposite end is just the right size to brace against the bottom of the triple tree and push the old bushing out. I pushed against the bushing with the tool. You may need a socket at the end. One bushing went with a socket just fine but the other one started going crooked. So I pushed it out with the tool and used the socket at the end to finish it. As long as you line it up properly you are good to go. I used an air impact wrench to push it out. It did a great job.
  8. While you have it off, use some cleaner and polish on the triple tree.
  9. The Gooden Tight bushings easily push in. I have the one piece risers. I was not able to re-use the washer and rubber molding on the top part becuase they did not fit. You will find that the Gooden Tight bushings stick out the top and bottom. My risers were just long enough for me to start the bolt so I could tighten it. I torqued the risers down before I reinstalled them.
  10. Re-install the triple tree. I torqued down the Steering Arm Stem Nut first and then I did the pinch bolts.
  11. Reinstall your handlebars and you are ready to ride.

Reach out if you have any questions.