Enforcer Front Wheel

19″ Enforcer Front Wheel

The Enforcer wheel comes from a Harley Davidson Road Glide and is easily mounted on a Road Star (any year) with the spacer kit and longer caliper bolts. It will sharpen up the look of your front end and give you better handling.

You will use your original calipers, axel, and the fender.

When purchasing a used 19″ Enforcer front wheel you need to ensure that it comes with the 11.7″ rotors, which are standard on the Road Glide. Some guys will use this wheel on a different Harley, which uses the 11.5″ rotors.

What is needed:

  • 19″ Enforcer front wheel
  • Tire: 130/60HB-19
  • 11.8″ rotors
  • Wheel Spacers
  • Caliper Spacers  – *not always provided
  • Four (4) longer caliper bolts (M10 x 1.25 x 40mm)  – *not provided

The wheel spacers can be purchased from a couple different suppliers:

You may need to purchase the caliper spacers separately. You will need 1/4″ spacers to make it work.

The stock HD bearings are 25mm and usually have an abs bearing. You can use the abs bearing if that is what you have, but you will have to replace with abs bearings in the future. The suppliers above will be able to answer all your questions, if you don’t find the answers here.

Install instructions & details

To install, remove the stock wheel and pull the calipers. You will want to support the calipers so they are not dangling by the hose and are out of the way when removing/installing the wheel.

The wheel adapters just slide into the Enforcer wheel. The ABS side will be harder to slide in. You will want to install the tire in the proper direction (arrow facing forward). If I remember correctly that puts the ABS bearing on the left side of the bike. Once installed you will want to torque down the axel and pinch bolt. The torque specs also below.

Before installing the calipers you will want to clean them up good and push the pistons back into the bore of the calipers. This will allow them to adjust to the new rotors in the new location. Depending on how new your brake pads are, you may need to pull the cover to your front brake master cylinder to allow the fluid to go back in. Be sure to  put a towel up there to catch any leakage. Brake fluid is very corrosive. Good time to change your pads, as needed.

The caliper spacer will go between the fork and the caliper. As mentioned above you will need four (4) longer caliper bolts (M10 x 1.25 x 40mm).

Once installed you will want to put the master cylinder cap back on and tighten it down. Then pump your front brake to get the pads out and seated on the new rotors. It is a good idea to bleed the brakes.

Torque specs

  • Front axle  – 56 ft lbs
  • Front pinch bolt – 15 ft lbs
  • Caliper bolts – 30 ft lbs

Reach out if you have any questions.