RoadWing FAQ

RoadWing Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to the RoadWing then it is likely you have questions. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t see your question reach out (Bill Kingsley) and I will help you out and add the question to the list, if needed.

Q: What’s a RoadWing?
A: A RoadWing is a Honda Goldwing GL1800 rear mono shock (2001-2017) that has been modified and converted to fit on a Yamaha Road Star. It is the brainchild of Chris Jones (aka Gonzodad on the Road Star Clinic). The RoadWing will eliminate the bottom out issue that is notorious with the stock shock.  (read more)

Q: What year Road Star does the RoadWing fit?
A: The RoadWing will fit on any year Road Star (1999-2014)

Q: Where can I purchase a RoadWing?
A: I (Bill Kingsley) convert and sell RoadWings for $275.00 (with electric RAP).  Kris Koehler also converts and sells them.

Q: Is the RoadWing a new shock?
A: No, (but maybe). The Gold Wing shock that can be converted is from a 2001-2017 Gold Wing GL1800. Most of them are used but sometimes I can source a new take off. There are also some brand new shocks available but the new ones are upwards of $1000. I (Bill Kingsley) installed a new take off from a 2015 on my bike and was able to acquire two other brand new take offs in times past. While most of the RoadWings are used, they are sufficient and are an upgrade compared to the stock shock. Over 700 RoadWings have been produced.

Q: What’s advantage does the RoadWing offer over the stock shock?
A: The dry weight of the Yamaha Road Star is between 677 – 743 lbs. The stock rear mono-shock is rated at 742 lbs. The dry weight of the Honda Gold Wing GL1800 is between 800-937 lbs. The stock rear mono shock is rated at 920 lbs. So just adding the RoadWing to your Road Star boosts your weight capacity 178 lbs. In addition the RoadWing has a pre-load slave, which allows for increased load limit.

Q: What does the pre-load slave do?
A: The pre-load increases then tension on the spring which will stiffen the ride and allow for an increased load limit.

Q: How do I use the pre-load slave?
A: The Gold Wing shock typically comes with an electric pump. It is referred to as a Remote Adjustable Pre-load pump (RAP) and is electric. In order to use the electric RAP to control the pre-load slave you will need to create or purchase a harness. Chris Jones makes and sells the harness or you can make your own harness. Another option is to use a manual RAP. The manual RAP from a BMW 650, 1100, 1150 or 1200 is a direct fit on the RoadWing. When I have them, I sell them for $75. They can be found on eBay or you could check your local motorcycle junk yard. Kris Koehler produces and sells a manual RAP.

Q:  How hard is it to install a RoadWing?
A: If you are mechanically inclined and have the right tools you can install it. I (Bill Kingsley) have installed three myself. Here are instructions that I have compiled from my research and experience.

Q: How do you convert the Gold Wing shock?
A: Here are some detailed instructions that I (Bill Kingsley) have compiled from my research and experience.