Weighted Handlebar Ends

Road Star Weighted Handlebar Ends
Directions to install on aftermarket bars

I installed 16″ ape hangers on my bike. I wanted to keep the look and feel of the weighted handlebar ends so I did some research and came up with a solution to use them on aftermarket handlebars.

The OEM handlebars have weighted ends on the handlebars that are threaded into the ends. There is a 4″ rod welded into the ends of the bars that it screws into and helps cut down on the vibration. The inside diameter of the old bars is greater than the new bars so I couldn’t remove the inserts without removing a good 4mm from the inside of the new bars. I saw a comment by Michael Bass on the Facebook Road Star Clinic that offered a solution that worked so I wanted to share my experience and offer some directions.


What you will need:

  • New handle bars (I purchased Ultima 16” Chrome Part #50-220 from jirahycles on eBay)
  • Two M16x1.5 Hex nuts (Stainless if you can get it)
  • Caliper
  • Grinder – I used a table top grinder
  • Spacer – to put between the nut and the weighted end so you don’t grind it – a washer works fine
  • Rubber Mallet & Hammer
  • Protective Gloves

I put the spacer on the weighted end threaded the nut on and ground it down. I ground it in a way so that it spun the nut on rather than off. I slowly spun it back and forth and then rotated the end. I tried not to stay in one place too long. My grinder slowed down if I applied too much pressure.

The inside diameter of my new bars is around 20 mm. The nut is around 27mm so I needed to take off around 7mm. As I ground it I used the caliper to measure each side so that I ground it in an even circle. It took me about two hours, taking my time. I tried to taper it so that as it went in it dug in and was firm. I did not weld it or anything. It went in hard enough and is firm. I plan to tighten up the ends pretty good and I will use some anti-seize so they don’t freeze up. I will likely loosen them every so often to ensure they don’t rust or freeze up. They need to be tight enough so that they don’t vibrate out but again I don’t want them to rust on.

I kept checking it to see if I could fit it in the end. Once I could, I checked the other side and measured it with the caliper in the middle. I threaded it on so the other end was being ground down. Once I was satisfied with the grind I threaded it halfway on to the weighted end and used the rubber mallet to pound it in the end of the bars. I held the bars and didn’t mount them or put them in a vice. Holding it worked fine. One side went in harder than the other. I used the hammer on the one that went in harder. I removed the weighted end and tapped it directly. I finished it by putting the weighted end back on and covered the end (so I wouldn’t damage it) using the hammer to tap it in. I ended up burying the right side more than the left since it went in easier.

I pounded it in more so that the weighted end was flush with the end of the bar.