Oil Change

Road Star Oil Change & Level Check

It is a pretty easy task to do an oil change on a Road Star. James Adams has produced a number of videos specific to the Road Star so I will reference his oil change video here.

The common rule is 4 quarts out – 4 quarts in. Even if you get less than 4 quarts out only put 4 quarts in. I have included a video on how to check the level of your oil below as well.

A couple key things to remember is that you have to use the correct oil (noted below and the bolt on left side is easily stripped if you don’t use the right tool. The issue is getting enough leverage to break the bolt loose. Some guys will get a stubby wrench or just shorten one. I have had success with my standard size wrenches. It all depends on how the previous owner or mechanic treated the bolt. The part number for the plug on the right side, that fits all years of the Road Star is 90340-14132-00 and the gasket or washer is 214-11198-01-00. PLEASE VERIFY FITMENT WITH YOUR PARTS DEALER.

You do not need to lift the bike off the ground.


You should only use oil that is suitable for a wet clutch. Many manufacturers produce oil for motorcycles and the packaging will clearly indicate that it is safe for a wet clutch. It must be JASO MA rated.

You can also use Shell Rotella T4 or T6. It is Heavy Duty Diesel Oil and it is suitable for a wet clutch as is.


I prefer using the K&N filter but here is a list of compatible filters by brand. Many guys will suggest that you stay away from FRAM.

Bosch – 3300
K&N – KN-303
NAPA Gold – 1358
Purolator – ML16817
STP –  SDF13
WIX – 51358
FRAM– 6017A
Hastings – LF-113
HI FLO – HF-303
EMGO 10-82220
PER-FORM – J-50311


Change the oil

Checking the oil level