Fender Bling

Fender Bling

There are a few upgrades I have made to my fenders. Yamaha produced fender tips. They are somewhat still available. You can find them mostly used but occasionally a brand new fender tip can be sucured. Here are the part numbers for each.

  • Front Fender Tip: Front – STR-4WM26-90-00
  • Front Fender Tip: Rear – STR-4WM26-91-00
  • Rear Fender Tip – STR-4WM26-92-00

I also picked up a Road Star Fender Emblem from eBay.

Yamaha and Show Chrome make Fender rails. I installed the Show Chrome Front Fender Rail. I prefer that one over the Yamaha version becuase with the Yamaha version you have to drill a hole in the fender. These parts are only available used. In the rare case you find them new, snatch them up.

  • Show Chrome Front Fender Rail: 62-104A
  • Yamaha Front Fender Rail: coming soon
  • Yamaha Rear Fender Rail: coming soon