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Frequently Asked Questions (Road Star)

I am part of the Road Star Clinic Online Forum, Road Star Clinic Facebook Group, Yamaha Roadstar Riders Facebook Group, Custom Roadstar builders, parts and trade and the Road Star – Parts & Bikes Facebook Group. In each of these groups there are common questions that are frequently asked and answered so I thought I would create a list of said questions and answers to help novice & experienced Road Star owners. If you have a suggestion for a FAQ that I left out please feel free to contact me and let me know so I can add it to the list.

Handlebars & Cables

Q: What are the tallest handlebars I can add to my Road Star without having to change the cables?
A: There are three cables and one brake line to consider. The specs on the OEM handlebars for the Road Star is as follows:

– Road Star Height 7″, Pullback 13″, Total Width 33″, 1″ diameter, Center width 8”
– Silverado Height 8″, Pullback 13″, Total Width 32″, 1″ diameter, Center width 8”
– Silverado S Height 6″, Pullback 13″, Total Width 32″, 1″ diameter, Center width 8”

Short Answer… Based on the feedback I have seen, you can install bars with a height of 10″ and still use the stock cables. Some owners have indicated that you can install 12″ bars and still use the stock cables. This may or may not be true of the brake cable. If looks are important then you may want to increase the length of the cables.

Long Answer… Since every bar is different, the best way to determine what size cables will work is by installing the new bars and using a string to measure from each connection. You will want to ensure that the push/pull throttle cables aren’t too tight, as they may not allow the push/pull action that is necessary.

The bars on the Road Star are 1″ in diameter. You can use larger diameter bars but you will need to ensure that they taper to 1″ at the risers and the hand controls. To use the OEM grips and controls you will need at least 7.5″ at a minimum. The Road Star comes with weighted handlebar ends. You can follow these directions to adapt them to your new bars and add up to 1″ depending on how you set it up (1/2″ by default). Keep in mind that if they are knurled (unnecessary for the Road Star), they will show if they are made for a Harley and you don’t have the one piece risers.

Cable & Hose Sources

Push/Pull throttle & Clutch – Motion Pro, Barnett
Brake Hose – Raymond Chan

Your cables (new or used) should be lubed on a regular basis with cable lube. Motion Pro and other companies make a cable lube tool to do this. Lubing them will ensure they will stay functional for a good long time.

Engine Oil

Q: What type of oil should I use in my Road Star?
A: Please check out this page about changing your oil.

Q: How do I check the oil level on my Road Star?
A: Check out this video (The Wild Star is the European version of the Road Star).


Q: Will a Harley Fairing fit on my Road Star?
A: Yes (certain ones) , Here are some directions for you.

Q: What other fairings will fit on my Road Star?
A: Many companies make fairings that will fit the Road Star with the correct mounting brackets. Reckless, Tsukayu, Vector, US Trailer, Memphis Shades, eBay

Front Wheel Upgrades 

Q: Can I install a Harley front wheel on my Road Star?
A: Yes, lots of guys have done it. Check out this page for details. Punch Designs LLC makes a kit to install it.

Brake Pads

Q: Should I use OEM or aftermarket brake pads on my Road Star?
A: It’s up to you but don’t skimp on your brakes or they will skimp on you. I am told that EBC makes the OEM pads.

  • FRONT:
    EBC – FA179HH (Sintered HH pads).
    Versah – VD-255JL
    OEM – 4WM-W0045-00-00
    EBC  – FA252HH (Sintered HH pads).
    Versah  – VD-248JL
    OEM – 5VN-25805-00-00
  • REAR:
    EBC – FA123HH (Sintered HH pads)
    Versah  – VD-242JL
    Versah  – VD-242/2JL
    OEM – 4KG-25805-00-00

Harley Parts

Q: Why do people put Harley parts on their Road Star?
A: Because it is their bike and they can do what they want with it.  There are a number of parts made for a Harley that fit or can be adapted to the Road Star. Below is a list of items that fit with adaptation. If instructions are available they will be referenced.


Q: What tires should I use on my Road Star?

Unicorn Parts

Instrument Visor

  • OEM: STR-4WM04-00
  • Suitable replacement: National Cycle N7821